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Teaching, Learning and Development
& Learning Support 

We offer a full range of qualifications in Teaching, Learning and Development and Learning Support. The qualifications include areas such as Assessor and Quality Assurance, Education and Training, Learning Support and Essential Skills Practitioner.

The qualifications allow progression to becoming a qualified Teacher, Trainer and Internal Verifier.
Our learners achieve nationally recognised educational qualifications through City and Guilds and AgoredCymru; courses are offered flexibly to suit the needs of learners.

Our current range of courses are:
Level 2

Assessment of Credit Based Units - Agored Cymru
Assessment of Credit Based Units - Agored Cymru

Level 3
Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement
Award in Education and Training

Level 4
Award in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice
Certificate in Education and Training

Teaching and Learning Courses - In Partnership

Our Teaching and Learning department also enables access to a wide range of qualifications which enable partnership organisations to develop into learning organisations.

We offer partners discounted access to this suite of learning, with advice and support to find the right course for specific needs.

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Learn more about these courses and opportunities for partnership working by contacting the Teaching & Learning Coordinator.

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