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WEA Cymru and the Welsh Language

WEA Cymru is committed to the Welsh Government’s vision of a truly bilingual Wales, as set out in the document ‘A Language for All (Iaith Pawb)’: “… a country where people can choose to live their lives through the medium of either Welsh or English and where the presence of both languages is a visible and audible source of pride and strength for all of us”.

WEA Cymru will work to ensure that the Welsh language will be treated no less favourably than the English language. Standards set will be clear and consistent in terms of the services to be provided in both languages and will strive to be reasonable and proportionate, to reflect an all-Wales educational association. Compliance with the standards will be ensured through regular monitoring.

In addition to advancing learning and knowledge through participation in education and training, WEA Cymru is committed to promoting awareness and understanding of the Welsh language, Welsh heritage and culture in all aspects of its business and services. WEA Cymru fully supports the principle of a bilingual workplace, and has put in place the mechanisms necessary to encourage the promotion, use and improvement of the Welsh language skills of its workforce.